If you’re seeking to be a writer trying to find a guiding light, you came to the right place! Reading about your field is often the best way to get familiar with the job you want to do. As an aspiring journalist, you must have a diverse portfolio of pieces to showcase your talent. An op-ed is a piece that can help you do that! In this op-ed toolkit, all of the basics of writing a front-page-worthy op-ed will be outlined for you, an aspiring journalist! 

op-ed Toolkit

The basics of what an op-ed is, writer anonymity, and how to come up with an eye-catching topic. 

The basic structure of an op-ed, a baseline analysis of the parts of an op-ed, and some more formatting guidelines!

The in-depth structure of the body paragraphs, including tips for the topic sentence, the two kinds of evidence, quote integration, and the concluding sentence. 

The challenges that modern journalists face, and why having readable but credible writing is more important than ever. 

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