How to Navigate this Website

What is mentorship?

Dweebs Mentorship allows you to ask for personalized advice for free in everything from your career to your health, and pairs you with someone with relevant expertise to provide you support. While traditionally mentorship has relied on being well-connected or wealthy, Dweebs Global aims to mentor people at no cost so that everyone regardless of their background gains access to the connections, information, and support that they need to succeed!

To get started, use the following three-steps to navigate this website. You can also jump straight to step #3 – we are happy to help you!

1. Search for an article to help you.

Our website contains tons of articles on practical information from how to write your resume to mental health self-help. You can search our website or navigate using the menu.

2. Select a mentor to provide you one-on-one advice.

We have hundreds of mentors willing to help you for free. To find a mentor, scroll to the bottom of an article with information relevant to the advice you need or search for a mentor.

3. Contact the mentor and hear back from us soon!

Once you find a mentor, you can contact us!

If you'd rather we choose a mentor for you, please leave that field blank.

1. Find an informational Article.

Search tips:

  • Use terms about your field of interest like “computer science” or “writing.”
  • Use specific terms about what you’re looking for like “help with resumes.”

2. search for mentors to provide you personal advice.

Search tips:

  • Use terms about your field of interest like “computer science” or “writing.”
  • Use mentor names to find their profiles.
  • Search for languages to find help in the languages you need.

3. contact a mentor for advice.

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