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We are not necessarily legal or medical professionals (or certified in the fields we’re offering advice) and our advice is not meant to be professional advice. Dweebs Global (aka. the Dweebs and Dogs Foundation) is not creating an attorney-client relationship, a doctor-patient (or therapist-patient) relationship, or any other privileged relationship by responding to or helping you. Neither are the mentors. Please consult a lawyer or doctor if you need professional help. They can tell you whether our advice applies best in your situation. We also reserve the right to refuse service. Asking for help, or receiving help from a mentor, does not create a contract.

You agree that the purpose of Dweebs Global mentorship is to provide free help to mentees. You agree not to use Dweebs Global as a platform to grow your brand, gain clients, or operate as a free trial for a separate business, and you agree not to duplicate Dweebs Global practices for those purposes. You cannot charge Dweebs Global mentees or refer them to your business, books, or other services. You agree not to harass or otherwise harm mentees. 

The content on this website is provided “as is.” We try to make it accurate but can’t guarantee there are no mistakes and we cannot guarantee results. We are not liable for any results from our advice. All the information is from the author or mentor as an individual. It might not be the opinion of their employer or of Dweebs Global. If you have complaints about a Dweebs Global mentor, such as if they harassed you or tried to charge you money, please send us a note through the contact page.


Privacy Policy:

We don’t sell your personal information at all. We will do our best to not share it beyond the mentors listed on this website, unless you ask us to connect you to someone else. We do our best to not track your online activity and not record any of your data other than what you tell us. Information you provide may include your full name and resume, personal history, or other information, depending on what you ask for help with and what you ask us. We advise that you never send us social security numbers, credit card information, or government identification. If you do, we are not responsible for securing this data, but will do our best to delete information like this.


We use your information to help you. For this reason, we often share your information with other volunteer mentors so we can refer you to the best person to help you. If you share sensitive information (such as if you’re asking for mental health advice), we generally do not include anyone else and the conversation stays between you and your mentor.

We rarely text with those we mentor, but we recommend Signal for private text conversations that won’t be tracked. There is no legal or contractual requirement to send us information, but it may affect how the mentors can help you. 

You can use the contact page to ask us for a copy of what information we have about you. If you are in the European Union, you have the right to ask us to delete your information. If you are not in the EU, we will still delete it if asked. You can only ask this about yourself, so please use the same email you did the first time. 

Age limits and what to do if you are a minor:

To contact us (since we would be receiving personal information like your name), you must be at least 13 in the US, 16 in most EU countries, 18 in India and Pakistan, etc. If your government does not think you are old enough to tell us your name, we will still help you. Please use a fake name or say “anonymous,” and use an email address that does not identify you.

If you are contacting us to become a mentor, we will post your name, picture, and bio on our website. We may simply copy this from your LinkedIn page or other publicly available information. Most importantly, we will put you in contact with mentees. If you are not old enough to consent to us using your information this way, a parent/guardian must consent for you. For example, “old enough” means 13 in the US, 16 in most EU countries, and 18 in India and Pakistan. If you are not old enough in your country, please provide an email where we can confirm your parent/guardian consents. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Mentor Policy

All information you receive through your work on Dweebs Global is confidential and should not be shared outside the organization without prior approval. In addition, any emails/chats/other information you send from or receive from a Dweebs Global email address, or in your capacity at Dweebs Global, are confidential. If you leave Dweebs Global, you agree to turn over your access and to not spread misinformation about our work. You agree not to take Dweebs work or methods to other organizations.

Content license

Content created by mentors for Dweebs Global belongs to Dweebs Global. Anyone who wants to republish a page on their own platform should ask first. If you submit something you’ve published elsewhere, you give us permission to edit it and publish it. You certify that you do have the right to let us post it and let other people post it.

We may update these terms and conditions, and you agree to abide by the latest version.