If you are looking for help in developing your career, this toolkit is for you! We’ve divided this toolkit into three sections:

  1. Job Search: This includes helpful tips for when you’re looking for a job!
  2. Career: This includes tips if you already have a job, but want to either improve that job or figure out new ways to develop your career.
  3. Leadership: This includes tips for how to grow as a leader in the workplace!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our mentors.

Career Development Toolkit

Job Search

What’s next for your career? What new opportunities should you look into?

How can you prepare to ace any interview?

This is your go-to list of resources to impress future employers.

LinkedIn is a handy tool for job searching.



Here is how you should approach your employers to ask for an increase in your wages.


If something is not working for you in your workplace, here is how you can address it.

Focus on increasing skills and experience at your workplace.

4 | Looking for Better Jobs while Employed


Coming soon.



These are the fundamental basics of leadership.

It’s important to be visionary as a leader – and here is how you can develop those skills.

Leadership is all about team-playing!

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